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The contribution we make to the long-term sustainability of the communities in which we operate and the relationships we have which are central to our business contribute to our stock of social and relationship capital. Our social and relationship capital includes the intangibles associated with our brand and reputation and our social licence to operate. Our relationships with our stakeholders, which include communities, the investor community, government, regulators and joint venture partners, impact directly or indirectly on our business and its reputation. These relationships form part of each capital and are vital inputs to our business model that are constantly being increased, decreased and transformed through our activities.

Climate Change Policy Statement

Telkom recognises that genuine need to address issues relating to Climate Change and commits to contribute to both mitigation and adaptation strategies where there are real threats and opportunities presented to Telkom as an organisation and to its stakeholders.

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Environmental Policy Statement

In support of Telkom's Vision of Leading the converged ICT market through deep and credible relationships and a distinctive customer experience, Telkom's environmental management system demonstrates its commitment to ensuring sustainable environmental considerations throughout all its operations.

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Corporate Citizenship Policy Statement

Telkom SA SOC Limited ("Telkom" or the "Company") seeks to be a good corporate citizen in everything that it does. We recognise that our business values and operations must meet the expectations of our stakeholders which include customers, employees, investors, suppliers, the community and the environment. As a responsible corporate citizen, telkom seeks to protect, enhance and invest in the wellbeing of the economy, society and the natural environment.

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Human Rights Policy Statement

The purpose of this policy is to document the Telkom's position and intent with regard to the protection of the Human Rights of its employees and people within the Company's sphere of influence in the communities in which it operates. This policy also sets out guidelines to regulate the management of all matters in relation to such protection of Human Rights.

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